MEet the stars

Mirrabooka Boars


Floppy by name only, this guy is the top performer of the three boars. He can often be seen having a long snooze when his duties are over. He’s pictured here with one of our favourite sows, Josie. What a star!!

Hughie (aka Bubub)

The mighty son of Floppy, Hughie is a champion boar in the making. Hughie had a rough start to life but after some tender loving care from Granny, he’s fighting fit and ready to take on the world. Go Hughie!!


Tom has just started his stud career, so all eyes are on him to perform like his mates. The “Cat” does have the looks to be a success though.

est. 2016

About Mirrabooka Pork

Mirrabooka Pork, named after our beautiful 400 acre property, was established in 2016 with the primary goal of raising its pigs in a true pastured environment and in turn, producing true free range pork to its discerning buyers.

We have created large paddocks for our pigs to roam and forage at their leisure. We do not over stock our paddocks.

We’re a small team who work hard all year long to make sure our pigs have a great life.

Mirrabooka Pork

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