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550 Tullymorgan Road Lawrence NSW 2460

Mirrabooka Pork is a proud producer of truly pastured pork.

Located at Mirrabooka Park, a property over 400 lush acres near the township of Lawrence in Northern NSW, the Graham, Ross and Munns clan have set up their farm to care and nurture the pigs under their care.

Our pork is Hormone Free and Antibiotic Free.

We raise our pigs in an environment that they have been used to for thousands of years – they can roam in large paddocks, play and rest in their wallows and root and graze as they wish.

Our farming practices always focuses on the welfare of our pigs, and it’s this care and attention that we believe comes out in the succulent, flavorsome and sweet tasting pork.


Mirrabooka Pork recognises the need to provide the people who buy its pork with the knowledge that it is running its operation in accordance with the principles that defines Free Range.  We are proud to say that we have obtained both PROOF and APIQ Free Range certification.


As a PROOF licensee, Mirrabooka Pork has been able to meet PROOF’s core values of:

  • All animals are able to range freely in open fields or paddocks
  • Animals will not be kept in cages, stalls or crates
  • All animals are kept at stocking densities that will ensure access to forage and grazing and;
  • Densely confined production systems and feed lotting are not practiced
  • All animals are able to interact with their herd and to carry out natural behaviours
  • All animals should thrive in their environment and not just cope with it
  • All animals will be protected from predation
  • Illness or injury will be addressed promptly so that no animal will be left to suffer
  • Animals will be fed to meet their welfare needs as well as production requirements
  • Surgical treatments that inflict unnecessary pain will not be performed
  • There will be no use of growth promoters
  • Pastured production should be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable


APIQ is the premier quality assurance (QA) program for pig producers in Australia.

Free Range (FR) means that pigs are kept permanently outdoors for their entire life with shelter from the elements provided, furnished with bedding.

FR pork production consists of outdoor paddocks, which include rooting and/or foraging areas, wallows and kennels/huts for shelter. The huts allow the animals to seek shelter from environmental extremes. They also provide additional protection for the piglets when very young.

The weaners, growers, and sows from which they have been bred have access to paddocks at all times for their entire life. Shelter, food and water must be provided, and all pigs must be able to move freely in and out of the shelter and move freely around the paddocks, unless required to be confined for short amounts of time for routine husbandry or diagnostic procedures to be conducted.

All pigs raised under FR conditions must comply with the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs  to show compliance with state animal welfare regulations and use good land management practices as per the National Environmental Guidelines for Piggeries.